Ad vulgaris calx – Towards a common goal

The University of Queensland Premedical Society (UQPMS) is an organisation that was founded in August 2011 for the premedical students at the University of Queensland. Over time, UQPMS has expanded their focus to accommodate for students aiming to enter via non-provisional entry. UQPMS is a not for profit organisation that aims to provide support to and connect such students.

Other important information to understand how PMS works can be found here:

  1. About Premed
  2. Structure
  3. Regulations


Our objectives are:

  1. To encourage an active academic, cultural and social life between the members of the society
  2. To build professional and working relationships between students,
  3. To support other organisations with like objectives, and
  4. To promote the interests of students who have a provisional place in medicine, or are planning to enrol in graduate medicine, at UQ.

History of UQPMS

Originally, UQPMS was an organisation that served to support the provisional-entry medical students at UQ. However over time, our focus has expanded to accommodate for all undergraduate students wishing to enter into medicine via provisional and graduate entry.