The University of Queensland Premedical Society (UQPMS) is governed by its Constitution. Documents also relevant to the governance of the society include the Constitution and Regulations of the University of Queensland Union (UQU) and the Replaceable Rules.

Members can view the UQPMS constitution here.

Important clauses in the constitution include: 

  • P2.1 which states that: The objectives of the society shall be (a) to encourage an active academic, cultural and social life between the members of the society, (b) to build professional and working relationships between students, (c) to support other organisations with like objectives, and (d) to promote the interests of students who have a provisional place in medicine, or are planning to enrol in graduate medicine, at UQ.
  • P4.2 which states that: The society must not be operated for the purpose of the profit or gain of any member.
  • P7.3 which implies that: The executive committee has the right to revoke a member’s membership under set circumstances. 
  • P9.1 which states that: The executive of the society shall consist of a president, secretary, and treasurer, all of whom shall be members of the society, and such number of other members as the members of the society at any AGM may from time to time elect. Membership of the executive shall not be restricted other than by being a member of the University of Queensland Union and not of an extremist political organisation. The presiding chair at the relevant AGM determines if candidates meet these criteria.
  • P11.2 which states that: The question of removal [of an executive] shall be determined by a vote of 60% majority of the members present at such a general meeting [called to remove an executive] and must be endorsed by the UQU Clubs and Societies committee.
  • P25.1 which states that: This constitution may be amended or added to from time to time by a special resolution carried at any general meeting.
  • P25.2 which states that: This constitution may be amended or added to from time to time by a motion at any executive meeting where all executives are present and is carried by all executive officers.
  • P30.1 which states that: This constitution shall take effect and be deemed enacted as from the; 12th day of December 2014.