Here at UQPMS, we want to give the best study and education resources to our current club members. Whether you are a high achiever or a last minute crammer, one of our primary roles is to provide members with helpful study resources and course information that would ultimately guide your way into medicine with the best knowledge and expertise at hand.

Our exclusive benefits include:

Course Guides – Written by high achieving students who have recently completed the subjects, these guides summarises the entire subject in a simple-to-digest layout that include important information such as subject content and student advice.

Notes Pool – Need that extra edge when preparing for exams? We have an online library of study notes, collated from past UQPMS students, for the courses you are studying now.

GAMSAT Assistance – For those wishing to sit the GAMSAT, we liaise and negotiate with our GAMSAT sponsor to provide you with exclusive access to discounts, resources and seminars on an annual basis. Evidently, this initiative takes time so be on the lookout for more updates!

Academic Seminars – Throughout the year, UQPMS organises various informative sessions about progressing onto the MD and beyond. Come along for a glimpse of what to look forward to in years to come!

Peer Study Sessions (GAMSAT) – Coming in 2019!