Mentor Program

UQPMS Mentor Program

What is it?

  • Advice with university matters
  • Foster friendships across cohorts
  • Support system for first years

The UQ Premedical Society Mentor Program is an initiative designed to engage and connect members of different ages, backgrounds and academic disciplines. In order to ease the transition from high school to university, interested first year members will be allocated to a mentor whom they can direct queries regarding university. Mentors will meet their students regularly and will also serve as ambassadors of the society. The merit to this program lies not only in being able to consult a more experienced and reliable opinion but also in fostering friendships among students who may study at the same university for 7 years.

What will I get out of this?

  • Develop leadership, teamwork interpersonal and communication skills
  • Interact with numerous students from all walks of life
  • A rewarding mentor experience to enrich your undergraduate life
  • Bolster your curriculum vitae
  • UQ Advantage Award Certified

Mentors will improve their communicative skills with younger students as well as their ability to work in teams. Ultimately, this experience will shape mentors into effective and approachable communicators as they make a positive impact on new university students. Full participation in this program for one semester is considered as a Secondary Activity for the ‘Social Responsibility and Leadership’ section of the UQ Advantage Award.

What are my expectations as a UQPMS mentor?

  • Provide advice on university lifestyle and academic studies as a UQPMS member
  • Be approachable and friendly at all times
  • Meet with mentees regularly
  • Engage with the society and its initiatives

Throughout the program, mentors are expected to maintain regular contact with their student group and offer assistance in any university-related query. Furthermore, mentors will attend several meetings with the society executives for briefing, training and reflection purposes. We are looking for dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic individuals to help shape a positive environment for our brand new first year members. Our Executive Team has plans for a fantastic year and your involvement will make it all the more amazing!

How do I apply to become a UQPMS mentor?

Applications are now open ( and will close on the 31st of January.