O Week

A warm welcome to the influx of 20,000 students that will attend Market Day – the Wednesday of Orientation Week. Be sure to check out our stall as we’ll have sweet membership cards, vouchers and much more to hand out on the day! Membership is only $5 and for that you get to be plugged into all of the happenings of our society, not to mention worthwhile discounts we’ve gotten from sponsors! It’ll be hard to miss us – the exec team will be manning the stall all day with posters and banners that will draw you to us with ease!

Come Friday, the Provisional Entry Welcome will be held in the morning (10-12pm) at Goddard Building – Room 139. It’s extremely informative and you’ll have a chance to ask questions to staff from the School of Medicine.

Our last event for O Week will be our annual Meat & Greet BBQ, to be held at UQ. Grab something to eat as you chat with your new best friends – it’s the perfect opportunity right before classes commence!

As always, more details are on our Facebook page. Make sure to click going – we’ll see you there!