Upcoming Events 2019


Uni is officially underway! UQPMS has definitely started off this year with a bang thanks to all of our members who came and signed up on Market Day, said hi at our Meet ‘n’ Greet Welcome BBQ, grabbed a snag from our Thursday BBQ stall and of course, launched into this new year at our Launch Party with SPOT.

Upcoming events:

Trivia Night: Our closest upcoming event is related to the mentor program, but all members are invited! On the 20th March, Week 4, the Trivia Night is something new UQPMS will be doing, but we won’t spoil it here. Just get some friends together and be ready to compete as a team!

Scrub Pub Crawl w/ NAMSA, QPSA and SPASA: Our second intersociety and liver-damaging event for the year, we will be hosting a pub crawl with NAMSA on the 14th of April… in scrubs! Alcohol and lab-coats, what could go wrong?

Amazing Race: Rather than watch the amazing race on TV, why not play it? One of our most entertaining events, the Amazing Race is held all over St Lucia campus and teams will be competing tooth and nail for some mediocre prize at the end of the day. Puzzles, races, video challenges and ridiculous amounts of fun is expected, so get your friends together and start preparing! First competition: Best Dressed.