Welcome to 2018!

Hi everyone, hope you guys have all made it through your first 2 weeks of uni without too much trouble! We loved seeing you all on Market Day and at our successful Meat and Greet BBQ on the 17th of Feb. To all of those who made it out to Johnny Ringo’s for our annual launch party with SPOT, we hope you had a fantastic night and got to make a few new friends amongst all the drinks and the chicken wings!

To our freshers, we’re excited to announce the release of the UQPMS First Year Guide for 2018! This document answers some of the questions you may have about university and also more about what UQPMS does as a society. UQPMS has definitely enriched the lives of many students coming into uni by providing avenues for networking and making lifelong friends, while also offering lots of GAMSAT support.

Hopefully you guys have already liked our Facebook page and attempted to join our closed member’s group. For those who haven’t been able to gain access to the member’s group, we apologise for all the hassle, we’ll be making sure next year’s group doesn’t require a UQ email address for verification. But don’t be stressed! We’ll keep you updated by sending out a regular UQPMS newsletter, while also making important announcements on this website as well as our public Facebook page.

On behalf of the executive team, we hope you are all excited for the awesome social events and seminars we’ve got planned for you this year. Until next time, good luck with the semester!!


Kind regards,

Sophia Kim

President | UQ Premedical Society