What is “premed”?

The University of Queensland (UQ) offers the opportunity for students to practise medicine – the Doctor of Medicine degree. The MD program is a four year postgraduate medical program designed to produce qualified doctors.

To gain entrance into this program students take one of two equally-valid methods of entrance:

    1. The ‘Guaranteed/Provisional Entry’ Pathway. Students complete a full undergraduate degree before entering the MD program. While they complete an undergraduate degree of their choosing, a place is reserved for them in the MD program.
    2. The ‘Graduate’ Pathway. The final method of entry is by completing a full undergraduate degree, and sitting the GAMSAT examination to gain admission. Students in this method of entrance often choose a BSc as their undergraduate degree.

UQPMS targets its events at students from both entry pathways, as often there is little difference in students’ undergraduate study between the two programs (especially considering most undertake a BSc undergraduate degree).

For more information on the MD program at UQ, we recommend checking out this link.