Executive Team

UQPMS is run foremost by the members as they have the ultimate governing power in the organisation. On a day-to-day basis, the executive officers, consisting of 10 elected individuals, run the society. Executives nominate for the available positions on the executive committee and are elected annually in October for a one-year term starting in December of the year of election. Upon completion of their terms of office, the President and Secretary remain on the committee as advisors and mentors to the new executive.

A general committee is chosen from interested members by the new executives at the start of each year. These individuals assist the execs in running UQPMS. More information on the general committee and how to apply can be found here.

2024 Executive Committee 

President Bowen Chen
Secretary Patrick Wang
Treasurer Henry YIp
Vice President (Academic Internal) Vivian Toh
Vice President (Academic External) Max Lindsay
Vice President (Social) Johnny Nguyen
Vice President (External Relations) Chloe Lau
Vice President (Designs) Joelle Lizbeth Lu
Vice President (Marketing) Peter Park
Vice President (Mentoring) Donny Wu
General Commitee   

2023 Executive Committee 

President Jack Feng
Secretary Ali Hussain
Treasurer Oneeka Chandrapati
Vice President (Academic Internal) Henry Yip
Vice President (Academic External) Patrick Wang
Vice President (Social) Sean Zhao
Vice President (External Relations) Nicole Li
Vice President (Designs) Derrick Chong
Vice President (Marketing) Roger Look
Vice President (Mentoring) Mika Kato
General Commitee  Akira Etipola, Amandi Jayawardena, Andy Jeong, Angelyn Veniegra, Anna Torrington, Bhayva Nanchahal, Bowen Chen, Bryan Malla, Chloe Lau, Chun Lee, David Heng, Dhairy Shah, Donny Wu, Ellen Im, Eric Ruan, Esther Yu, Ethan Morgan, Helen Chen, Joelle Lu, Johnny Nguyen, Joshua Thomas, Lakshmi Gandu, Louise Ng, Marissa Chow, Masham Siddiqui, Matthew Chye, Max Lindsay, Oscar Chen, Peter Park, Prankul Bansal, Shishir Khanal, Victor Dou, Vidit Chaudhary, Vivian Toh, Yessica Oem 

2022 Executive Committee

President Elaine Zhong
Secretary Momoko Hoang
Treasurer Henry Luo
Vice President (Academic Internal) Jack Feng
Vice President (Academic External) Benjamin Kelley
Vice President (Social) Helga Tong
Vice President (External Relations) Oneeka Chandrapati
Vice President (Designs) Maxwell Chan
Vice President (Marketing) Osayed Cheema
Vice President (Mentoring) Ali Hussain
General Committee Derrick Chong, Derrick Ma, Shaye Liddell, Hyuns Cheong, Shishir Khanal, Sean Zhao, Ruby-Rose Watts, Victor Dou, Edward Yu, Holly Williamson, Morgan Zhang, Mika Kato, Louise Ng, Patrick Wang, Luke Klisanin, Conrad Pun, Roger Look, Sabrine Wang, Karnik Wadhawan, Rachel Kim, Renee Chen, Henry Yip, David Heng

2021 Executive Committee

President Nicholas Wong
Secretary Viet Tran
Treasurer Jisu Choi
Vice Presidents (Academic) Emily Shi, Jonas Rivera
Vice President (Social) Nhien Nguyen
Vice President (External Relations) Jennifer Kim
Vice President (Designs) Natasha Firman
Vice President (Marketing) Elaine Zhong
Sub-Executive Committee Henry Luo, Sofiah Beach, Victoria Qing, Sean Zhao, Jennifer Nguyen, Katie Jones, Holly Williamson, Ismaael Farhad

2020 Executive Committee

President Wilson Liu
Secretary Bryner Lum
Treasurer Roy Yi
Vice President (Academic Internal) Emily Shi
Vice President (Academic External) Gi Young Seo
Vice President (Social) Sabrina Fu
Vice President (External Relations) Jocelyn Chen
Vice President (Designs) Lanxuan Feng
Vice President (Marketing) Flidon Wang
Sub-Executive Committee Jisu Choi, Josh Kim, Natasha Firman, Nhien Nguyen, Nicholas Wong, Rachel Chan, Robert McCullough, Viet Tran, Wendy Zhao, Elaine Zhong, Momoko Hoang, Adam Fuller, Varvara Kapralova, Abhi Vas, Alex Shi

2019 Executive Committee

President Kai Matsumoto
Secretary Ian Chu
Treasurer Wilson Liu
Vice President (Academic) Kim Bowman
Vice President (Social) Clara Lee
Vice President (External Relations) Jonathon Bolton
Vice President (Designs) Lanxuan Feng
Vice President (Marketing) Sophie Zheng
Sub-Executive Committee Andrew Jh Li, Anthony Patsalou, Bryner Lum, Emily Shi, Emma Byrne, Flidon Wang, Matisse Jacobs, Natasha Firman, Roy Yi, Sabrina Fu

2018 Executive Committee

President Sophia Kim
Secretary Eric Nguyen
Treasurer Aathavan Shan
Vice President (Academic) Alex Shoung
Vice President (Social) Kitty Ji
Vice President (External Relations) Rebecca Hermanus
Vice President (Designs) Jasmine Chin
Vice President (Marketing) Kai Matsumoto
Sub-Executive Committee Ceclia Shim, Wilsion Liu, Jonathan Bolton, Sophie Zheng, Andrew Li, Jiyoon Yoo, Ian Chu, Lanxuan Feng

2017 Executive Committee

President Jessie Binns
Secretary Angell Zang
Treasurer Christopher Wang
Vice President (Academic) Eric Nguyen
Vice President (Social) Veronica Pham
Vice President (Sponsorship) Tatsuya Shiihara
Vice President (Designs) Connor Scott
Vice President (Marketing) Aathavan Shan
Sub-Executive Committee Mary Caole, Alex Shoung, Soham Choudhuri, David Ding, Sophia Kim, Jeremy Hunt, Kai Matsumoto, Daniel Jones

2016 Executive Committee

President Matthew Qiu
Secretary Kevin Tian
Treasurer Christopher Wang
Vice President (Academic) Yanni Michellis
Vice President (Social) Angell Zang
Vice President (Sponsorship) Karen Li
Vice President (Designs) Sebastian Sodini
Vice President (Marketing) Jessie Binns
Sub-Executive Committee Elizabeth Gray, Emily Dart, Jeffrey Zhou, Laura Boyle, Paul Kim, Samuel Ngugi, Veronica Pham, Zachary Cassard

2015 Executive Committee

President Matt Kim
Secretary Matthew Qiu
Treasurer Richard Lee
Vice President (Academic) Amanda Tan
Vice President (Social) Michelle Kim
Vice President (Sponsorship) Alan Nguyen
Vice President (Designs) Sebastian Sodini
Vice President (Marketing) Myky Tran
Sub-Executive Committee Angell Zang, Brandon Ng, Christopher Wang, Jeffrey Zhou, Jessie Binns, Nicole Chan, Yanni Michellis

2014 Executive Committee

President Matt Kim
Secretary Phoebe Tin
Treasurer Emery Wang
Vice President (Academic) Vivek Narotam
Vice President (Social) Dong Kook Yoon
Vice President (Sponsorship) Jessica Chen; Zac Lowenthal
Vice President (Publications & Marketing) Michelle Kim
Sub-Executive Committee Amanda Tan, Alan Nguyen, Matthew Qiu, Richard Lee, Kevin Tian & Natasha Nguyen

2013 Executive Committee

President Piranavan Sivakumar
Secretary Stephanie Zhu
Treasurer Andrew Yong-Gee
Vice President (Academic) Shanalie Dias
Vice President (Social) Rob Thomas
Vice President (Sponsorship) Ariel Ho
Vice President (Publications & Marketing) Kate Swift

2012 Executive Committee

President Anthony Deacon
Secretary Ashley Leong
Treasurer Benjamin Aw-Yeong
Academic Officers Dilum Ekanayake & Hannah Rienks
Social Officers James Doherty & Libby White
Marketing Officer Sebastian Darmasetiawan
Campaigns Officer Alex Ngoo
Sponsorship Officer Michael Nelson
Committee Members Tom Randell, Mathuja Bavan, Tim Tran, Tony Liu & Shiney Seo