General Committee

UQPMS is a student-run club and its success depends on keen members getting involved in more ways than just attending events. The General Committee is a team of dedicated students who assist the executives in planning, organising and running the assortment of events UQPMS has to offer. 

Any UQPMS member can apply for a position in the committee at the beginning of each year, the team is then chosen by the executives after a interview selection process. 

What do the execs look for?

The executives look for students who show passion towards the society. Successful applicants are those that are committed and dependable throughout the entire year. The execs will be interested in those that work well in teams, display initiative and have an unfaltering positive attitude. Leadership, photography and design experience are helpful, but not a requirement.

What is expected of the General Committee?

General committee members are a vital link between the executive team and the rest of the society. The general committee are obliged to:

  • Attend and actively participate in all monthly or urgent committee meetings
  • Maintain frequent communications channels
  • Attend and assist at all UQPMS events with the executive team
  • Become a role model and leader for the society

Occasionally, general committee members will be unable to participate in activities and events as they will be assisting in its organisation (e.g. UQPMS Amazing Race). Availability during the Amazing Race, Semester 2 Market Day and UQPMS Ball will be required.

What do General Committee members gain?

Being part of the UQPMS governing body, the general committee have the opportunity to experience first-hand what it is like to run a society at UQ. They will gain considerable insight into the events of UQPMS and have the opportunity to contribute their own ideas. They will also have a chance to meet new people, while developing their teamwork and leadership skills.

How to apply

All UQPMS members are eligible to apply. Applicants must not be intending to study abroad in 2021 and be prepared for year-long commitment. Keep an eye out on our Facebook for when applications open!