Upcoming Events

Events to watch out for in 2022! More events and details will be added as they are finalised. In the meantime, check out our Facebook and Instagram for up-to-date notices on our upcoming events. Look forward to seeing you there!

Semester 1

Market Day: On the Wednesday of O’Week, all the societies set up a stall around the Great Court. Come say hi to us, buy a membership and get a UQPMS card and a bonus goodie bag!

Welcome Night: THE BEST GAMES NIGHT with your fellow students also interested in medicine! Hint: this cohort will be with you for the next 7 years (or at least the rest of your undergraduate degree) so strap in to make some lifelong friendships – Meet your next bestie, lab partner, or study buddy! P.S. free food and drinks!!

Launch Party: HAPPIER THAN EVER @ COACHELLA ✨ ✨ ✨. What more is left to say? If you’re 18+, chuck on your best Coachella inspired outfit, grab your ticket and we’ll see you at The Victory Hotel! Unwind after your first week of uni at our joint party with UQ’s Public Health Association and Karaoke Club. 

With tickets at $10 (buy HERE) once you’re a member of any of our societies (UQBARS x UQKC x UQSLB x UQNAMSA x QPSA x UQYC x UQPMS), there’s no excuse to bail! Invite all your friends to come along for a night to remember. If you’re not a member, just sign up and come join us!

Semester 2

UQPMS CAMP: stay tunedddddd 🤫🤫🤫


UQPMS BALL: stay tunedddddd 🤫🤫🤫


Want more??

Premed Pals: Want advice from upper years who were in your EXACT position not long ago? Want to meet new friends? Look no further! Our mentoring program will pair you with an enthusiastic, dedicated mentor who is more than happy to help you out or go for dinner with your mentor group! Watch out on our FB to sign up!! 

Want to become a mentor and pass on your wisdom and knowledge (best food on campus, things you wish you did) to a keen group of mentees? Well mentor sign ups are open now! Check out our recent Facebook posts! 

Premed Netball: Seeking all individuals of ANY skill level to join UQPMS Netball teams where our teams compete in the UQ Interfaculty Competition. You can stay fit AND a great opportunity to make friends. Most of our teams are made up of beginners so you don’t be afraid to join if you have never played before. Check out our UQPMS Facebook page for updates!